Check and Pay Traffic Challan online in Kolkata

The violators of traffic rules are filled challans against their vehicle registration number. There is no chance of running away from the payment of challans you can be challan free by following traffic rules and regulations. The major traffic rules that need to be followed as described as below


  1. Allow pedestrians to cross the road at the zebra crossing
  2. Don’t drive on the footpath
  3. Don’t drive when you are drunk
  4. Don’t triple ride on the two-wheelers
  5. Don’t drive with overload
  6. Specify clear signals while traveling
  7. Don’t use mobile phones while driving
  8. Don’t use black color on the windows of cars
  9. Wear seat belt while driving the four-wheeler
  10. Secure with a child lock when kids are in the car
  11. Carry all the required documents of the vehicle as RC
  12. Carry license of the vehicle
  13. Carry PUC certificate of the vehicle
  14. Avoid rash driving
  15. Follow traffic signals as
  16. Stop when the red signal displays
  17. Go when green light displays
  18. Obey the traffic police
  19. Don’t park in the no-parking zone
  20. Don’t allow underaged people to drive
  21. Provide valid registration to the vehicle

Fines for the offenses:

Driving without license 500 500 500
Underage driving 500 500 500
Driving without registration of vehicle 5000 10000 10000
Driving without fitness certificate 5000 10000 10000
Driving with excessive speed 400 1000 1000
Driving with overload 2000 5000 5000
Driving in no entry areas 2000 5000 5000
Driving without following traffic rules 100 300 300
Disobeying the rules of traffic police 500
Providing false information 500 500 500
Dangerous driving 1000 2000 2000
Driving when you are drunk 2000     –       –


What are the documents required to pay challan:

  1. Registration number of the vehicle
  2. Chassis number that means last five digits
  3. Email and mobile number

Kolkata Traffic Challan Payment Online:

Step 1: Go to the official website

the page will be displayed as shown below

Step 2: There will be classified individually for each case

Step 3: If you click play button then you will be directed to another page

where you can safely make your payment