Check and Pay Traffic Challan online in Delhi

Challan is the fine that should be paid when you violated the rules and regulations of the traffic rules. The Delhi traffic police have gadgets that are used to screenshot the vehicle number that violated the traffic rules. There are about 12000 traffic cops who are working for the safety of citizens of Delhi and they have handheld devices to issue e-challans for the traffic rule violators.


Documents need to carry to avoid challan:

The following described are the documents need to be carried to avoid challans

  1. Driving license
  2. Vehicle registration documents
  3. Driving permit
  4. RC book

Rules to be followed by 2 wheelers to avoid challan:

  1. Don’t drive when you are drunk
  2. Carry all the documents of the vehicle as license, RC book, PUC certificate, insurance papers
  3. Don’t use mobile phones will driving
  4. Avoid triple riding
  5. Follow the traffic signals

Rules to be followed by 4 wheelers to avoid challan:

  1. Never drink and drive the vehicle
  2. Avoid usage of a black film on the windows of a vehicle
  3. Carry all the documents of the vehicle
  4. Wear seat belt while driving
  5. Don’t use mobile phones while driving
  6. Provide clear signals to other vehicles


How to Pay Delhi Traffic Challan Online:

If you have any challans that are filed against you check the link

a page will be displayed as shown below

Step 1: Follow the official website of the Delhi traffic police

Step 2: To check whether you have any pending notices enter the vehicle number and then click submit

Step 3: If any challans are filled against you then the webpage with notice number, vehicle number, offencedate, offenceat, offence details, image, amount to be paid will be displayed as shown below

Step 4: After providing all the required information they will provide an option pay now

Step 5: On clicking pay now a confirmation message is sent to the mobile number by confirming that you will be redirected to a safe page to make payment.