eChallan Status Check
The challan system is implemented in india as the rate of accidents are increasing day by day and to provide safety to the citizens. All the rights for issuing of challans are under the control of traffic police. Challan is issued for violating the traffic rules and regulations if a challan is issued on you then penalty should be paid. If you are ever involved in any accidents and haven’t violated rules and asked to pay challan then you can concern expert and legal system. As a citizen of India we should be aware about the rules and regulations.

What Is Challan?

A challan is a penalty that is paid for violating the traffic rules as per the motor vehicle act, 1988. The traffic police have all the rights to issue challan when a person violates the traffic rules.


How Does Challan System Works:

The electronic system plays a vital role as the traffic police have introduced CCTV to record the road traffic footage. If any vehicle violates the traffic rules then the CCTV will screenshot the action, the traffic police will receive the proof and send the vehicle number to the RTO office where the details of the owner are available as the name of the owner, type of the vehicle, address of the owner, registered number. A message will be sent to the violator about the location of the violation with date and time.

Major Traffic Violations Of Challan Payment:

Most common traffic violations for which you might be issued a challan

 No entry violation 200
U-turn violation 200
Entering prohibited areas 200
Rash driving 1000
Travelling on footpath 50-200
Driving without helmet 200
Driving an overweight vehicle 1000 per ton
Driving without license 1000
Driving with invalid number plate 200
Disobeying traffic police 200
Driving at the stop signal 200
Using mobile while driving 1000
Driving without PUC certificate 1000
Violating no parking 200

Ways To Avoid Challan

If you follow the traffic rules then you can avoid challan. The following rules need to be followed to get rid of challan as described below

  • Wear helmets, seat belts
  • Maintain specific speed
  • Ride safe then you will be avoided by challans
  • Follow the traffic signals
  • Land your vehicle before the stop line

How To Pay Challan

There are two ways for the payment of challans as


Pay Traffic Challan Online

Step 1: Visit the official page of your state

Step 2: You need to choose the violation you did as parking charges and so on

Step 3: Then you will be asked to enter your vehicle number or violation tag number

Step 4: You will be allowed to pay the amount through net banking

Step 5: You need to fill the captcha

Step 6: Finally you will be directed to a safe page for your payment

Pay Traffic Challan Payment Offline

step 1: you can pay the fine by visiting the nearby police station

step 2: need to request to check previous dues and payments

step 3: they will trace your details through their gadgets and provides you details

What Does e-Challan Means

When the electronic challan system generates a challan is called as e-challan. The e-challan is generated by using the following devices

What Does e-Challan Consists OF

The following are the advanced gadgets that are used for e-challan.

Speed Laser Gun Cameras

These are the cameras which have high resolution and they measure the speed of the vehicle with the vehicle number.

Mobile Interceptor Vehicle

These vehicles intercept other vehicles by violating the traffic rules.

CCTV Sureillance Cameras

There are about 300 cameras under the surveillance of traffic police. The staff will screenshot the vehicle number who violated the traffic rules and they will be fined

Automated Red Light Violation Cameras

Their cameras are set at a height near traffic signals and they are connected to them. These are the cameras with the high resolution they will check whether all the vehicles are beyond the stop line or not.

Digital Cameras

All the traffic policies are issued with Sony cameras then they will screenshot the vehicle number who violate the rules then they will be manually updated by the police in the challan application then the violated person need to pay the fine.

How to Check e Challan Status Of Your Vehicle

For every state, there will be an official website to check the process so the following steps need to be performed after directing to the website

Step 1: identify the e-challan number

Step 2: visit payment website of e-challan

Step 3: enter the registration number of the vehicle

Step 4: enter captcha code

Step 5: pay the challan

How to Pay Traffic Challan Online and Offline

There are two ways to pay challan as

  1. Online payment
  2. Offline payment
  3. Online payment: the easy way to pay e-challan is through online as there is a specific website for the payment where you can find your name with a unique challan number and can proceed for the payment.
  4. Offline payment: in this process, you need to visit the nearest police station to pay e-challan.

Violations Comes Under e-Challan

The challan system may differ from one state to the other but the following are the violations that are considered in every state they are as given below

  1. Parking vehicle at no parking areas
  2. Rash driving with over speed
  3. Parking your vehicle after the stop line
  4. Diverting to U-turn
  5. Using an invalid and incorrect nameplate
  6. Driving on the wrong side
  7. Vehicle insurance violation